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Virtual Meetings

Client Centered

Are you looking for a speaker for one of your events or interested in attending one of our “virtual” conversations? Melony can speak to your organization, conference, special event or women’s group.  In these uncertain times we also have a meeting that we can prepare for your group. With the restrictions of the Coronavirus these virtual appearances are becoming more popular than ever. Let us know where your interests lie and we can craft a presentation for you.

Client Centered

Every sector seems to have an expert with a Ted Talk, a book they want you to buy or a seminar that has an entry fee.  We think our clients want to hear from someone with a successful track record of financial management and experience based on 30+ years of working with clients, at no cost.

Topics Include

  • How Not To Make Costly Financial Decisions

  • Avoiding Tax Pitfalls

  • Managing Your Portfolio During Stressful Times

  • Five Things I Wish I Would Learned Earlier

  • How To Shape a Secure Financial Future

What You Can Learn

  • 5 New Financial Skills

  • Tools To Shape Your Financial Future

  • How To Retire With Enough Money

  • Techniques On How to Read A Portfolio Report